Last Meet of the Winter

Sunday Feb 26th, Haweswater

Not sure what the weather will be like but (famous last words) it can’t get much colder than January’s walk off Coniston Old Man! The intention is to walk up Gatesgarth Pass and onto Harter Fell and then across to High Street & then Kidsty Pike and back down to Haweswater via Kidsty Howes.

Photo by Mick Knapton CC-BY-SA

More details are in the recent email sent to the Meets email list, by Ian Philips. Please contact Ian if you’re going to come along.

Not sure if anyone else has read Wild Fell by Lee Schofield, the site manager for the RSPB Haweswater Nature Reserve? The route takes in some of the land managed by the RSPB where the charity is looking at ways to restore biodiversity into the landscape. The book is definitely a good read, (and was recently reviewed in The Guardian)