LMC 200 Club

The 200 Club offers the chance to enter a monthly draw, with a guaranteed winner every month.

The member (or family/friend member) chooses to pay £5 per month by regular standing order payment and is allocated a number. They keep this number and their number is entered into each monthly draw, as long as the standing order remains valid.

Of course, more than one monthly ‘chance’ can be purchased, with a different number allocated for each £5 payment. So it’s a great opportunity to buy ‘chances’ for each member of your family or buy several ‘chances’ for yourself… SOMEONE WINS EACH MONTH AND IT COULD BE YOU!

The draw also helps the Club with fundraising, with proceeds each month split between LMC Club fundraising, and the winner. The winner receives a cheque for 30% of the month’s proceeds and 70% is retained in Club funds.

Each monthly draw will take place with at least 1 LMC Committee member and 2 other LMC members present, at the monthly social meet or regular climbing meet, and the winner’s name and winning number will be announced in the Meets list and displayed on the LMC website each month.

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Previous 200 Club winners


The winner of January’s 200 club draw was Ian Aitchison. The draw was made in the Royal Arms at Tockholes after a cold but bright Wednesday Walk around Great Hill.


The lucky winner of the 200 club draw for December was Ian Phillips. The draw was made at the Wednesday Walkers’ Christmas dinner at the Rivington Tea Rooms after a cold but delightful walk around the reservoirs and along the side of Healey Nab.

The winner of the 200 club draw for November was Kate Toon. The draw was held at the Tempest Inn, Elslack after another great walk with the Wednesday Wanderers on 23rd November.

The winner of the October 200 club draw was Steve Lyon. The draw was made on Wednesday 2nd Nov. at the Derby Arms in Witherslack after another classic Wednesday walk.

The winner of the September 200 club draw was David Toon (again!) The draw was made at the Helwith Bridge Inn near Horton in Ribblesdale after another splendid Wednesday walk around Crummackdale.

The winner of the 200 club draw for August was David Toon. The draw was made at the Derby Arms, Wetherslack last week after another classic day with the Wednesday Wanderers in the South Lakes.

The winner of the July 200 club draw was David Toon. The draw was made at the Royal Arms at Tockholes yesterday after another fine walk across Darwen Moor and Roddlesworth Woods with the Wednesday Wanderers.

Apologies for the lateness of this draw as it was nearly a month late. Covid was only partly to blame. The winner of the June 200 club draw was Roger Gott. The draw was made at the Bulls Head in Castleton after another stunning day’s walk with LMC’s Wednesday Wanderers in the Peak District

The draw for the 200 club for May 2022 was made at the Bulls Head in Milnthorpe after another stunning Wednesday walk along Wainwright’s Way. The winner for this last month was Roger Finn

The 200 club draw for April was made at the Gilpin Bridge Hotel in South Lakes after the Wednesday Wanderer’s Bluebell Walk on 4th May. The lucky winner was David Sheppard.

The lucky winner of the 200 club draw for March was David Toon. The draw was made in The Golden Lion, Duke St. Settle on Wednesday 30th March after another classic walk with Wednesday Wanderers over to Stainforth and then back along the River Ribble.

February’s draw took place after the excellent Zoom meeting where we were supplied with many photos and stories of adventures past (and present) given by members themselves. The lucky winner of February’s draw was Kevin Massey.

The tea lady at the Climbing Wall in Preston to got us up to date with the draw for January (and also for November and December 2021, belatedly!). Jenny and Lauren McMullan had the winning number for January.


The recent winners were Bernard Smith for last November and Mike Haines for the double winnings for the December dinner meet.

Recovering after the bonfire, we drew Ian Phillips as the October winner of the 200 Club.

We eventually got around to AOB at the recent LMC Committee meeting so Richard was able to get Jean to do the September draw for the 200 Club. The joint winners were Jenny and Lauren McMullan!

Sat under the canopy of the Royal Oak in Appleby, at the conclusion of the Dales High Way Wednesday Wander(s!), we did the 200 Club draws for July and August. There were 12 extremely vigilant scrutineers – well, drinkers actually!

And the winner for August was Dave and Julie Sudell. OK, this sounds like two people but in reality it’s just one. Someone suggested that we write the cheque, tear it in half, and give Julie and Dave respectively one half each.

And the winner for July was Ian Philips. Yet again you say!!!!! As a statistician, this result has now destroyed all my faith in this aspect of mathematics!!

May draw was done during the Committee meeting. The winner this month was Mike Haines

Norma Walker was the April winner of the 200 Club draw during the excellent Jordan Zoom talk.

The March draw was made on a Tuesday evening, whilst we were watching some excellent photos on Zoom. Roger Gott was the lucky winner!

The February 200 Club draw was done amongst an entertaining COVID avoidance trip by Dave and Kate and the children,. And the winner was Kevin Massey – again!!! Well he does have a lot of DIY in his new place.

The January draw was done during the interval in the excellent Zoom lecture by John Cairns. And the winner was Kev Massey – congratulations and Happy New Year! Back to the summit bid on Island Peak!!


The draw was done in the interval of Dave Sudell’s excellent show on Zoom. The November draw was Graham Hughes (from sunny Ingleton!!); and the December winner getting a double prize was the one-and-only Roger Finn

The draw at the AGM, for both September and October gave us two winners. Andy Bond and Ian Phillips.

Caught up with July and August draws on the Wednesday walk recently – thanks to Mary. The winner for July was Roisin Miller, with Charles Bradshaw for August

Whilst underwater with Tony, Richard Toon drew Barbara Hassall as the June winner of the 200 Club.

The May monthly draw was done just before the Zoom do. Guess what? Ian our Club Sec has won yet again!! Last month (April) he donated his winnings to a Nepal charity, we understand.

The March winner was Mike Rosser

The lucky winner for February was Angela McMullan. We drew the ticket on Tuesday during the break in David’s excellent lecture about America!

Ian Philips was the lucky winner of the January draw, drawn at the Pie & Peas night.


The lucky December draw at the cafe during our Wed Wanderers Christmas Meal was Steve Lyon. This was one of the two double prize draws which we have at this time of the year.

November winner: Andy Bond

The winner of the September draw was #24, Richard Duerden.  The draw took place in the tranquility of the Wicklow Hills (actually in the mayhem of the Glenmalure Lodge!) in front of countless international witnesses! 

It was several months before we were able to conduct the 200 Club monthly draw. The main reason had been the lack of attendances at any of the beginning-of-the-month social meetings. (The draw will only be conducted when there are several bone-fide witnesses present and when the draw numbers can, preferably, be taken out of the bag by a non-LMC member.)  The first opportunity for several months was over a recent Bank Holiday weekend.  The draw took place on a Sunday night by a member of the Climbers’ Club in front of 5 LMC witnesses. As a reminder, each number costs £5 per month and the prize is 30% of the monthly takings. People can (and some do!) have more than one number. So for example across all the Toon family, £45 goes into the LMC coffers each month on 200 Club draw numbers.  That’s £540 per year. 

The winning numbers and people were April, 4 David Toon; May, 28 Kev Massey; June [double winnings as this is the Wasdale bonus!], 29 Kev Massey; July, 2 David Toon; August, 5 Kate Toon.  

The current winnings are £73.50 per month.

Duncan Scattergood was the lucky March winner, drawn on Tuesday night at the fun evening. We had lots of really interesting pictures and tales.

February’s winner was Dave Buchanan!! The draw was at the seminar on ice climbing and hard sports climbing.

The January draw went to Bernard Smith.


We did a bumper 200 Club draw session during the pies and peas night! Things had been delayed due to a variety of reasons!!! The lucky people people were Ian Philips for the November (Dinner meet) double draw which was worth a cool £147! Congrats to Ian on his second win of 2018!! The December draw for a mere £73-50 was won by Iain Aitchison.

October: Angela McMullan
September: Emma Birkett

The guest speaker at Wiltonfest, Naomi Boys – (you’ve seen her on the front cover of Lancashire Rock!!) – drew Janette Braithwaite as our August winner

Mary did the draw before our Wed Wanderers meal in Pooley Bridge after a fabulous walk along High Street. This was the conclusion of the Abbots Way which started in Ilkley several weeks ago. A great expedition!! The winner for July is Frank Roberts.

June winner: Ian Philips

The May draw on Tuesday at Bobs Smithy was won by Sarah (Medcalf) Leneham.
April’s winner: David Toon
After an excellent evening of Himalayan photos on Tuesday night. Roger Gott had arranged the trek so it was a fitting coincidence that he won the March 200 Club draw.
February winner (drawn at the Pie & Peas: Roger Gott
January: Jason Whiteley


January – Roger Gott
Febuary – Angela McMullen
March – Dave Sudell
April – Bernard Smith
May – David Sheppard
June – Wasdale Bumper Draw – David Toon
July – Kevin Massey
August –
September – Mike Haines
October – Jean Toon
November – Charles Bradshaw
December – Annual Dinner Bumper Draw – David Toon












January – Alistair Jeffcoat
Febuary – Mike Rosser
March – Roger Gott
April – Barbara Hassall
May – Brian Guilfoyl
June – Wasdale Bumper Draw – Janet Braithwaite
July – Michelle Beech
August – Angela McMullan
September – Dave Medcalf
October – Charles Bradshaw
November –
December – Annual Dinner Bumper Draw – Janette Braithwaite


January – Charles Bradshaw
Febuary – Andy Bond
March – Duncan Scattergood
April – Liz and Mike Halpin
May – Norma Walker
June – Wasdale Bumper Draw – Barbara Hassall
July – Kevin Massey
August – Andy Bond
September – Graham Hughes
October – Barbara Hassall
November – Dave Sudell & Julie Harold
December – Annual Dinner Bumper Draw – Kate Hawkins


March – Kate Hawkins
April – Michelle Beech
May – Richard Toon
June – Wasdale Bumper Draw – Dave Medcalf
July – Dave Medcalf
August – Lucas Harold
September – David Sheppard
October – Oliver Carrol
November – David Toon
December – Annual Dinner Bumper Draw – Mike Rosser