Making Donations

Voluntary donations

You can make either a single or regular donations to the club. All donations will contribute to the club’s fundraising projects or you can specify how you like the money to be spent. If you want to make a single donation please forward a cheque to the Treasurer at 6 Prunella Drive, Lower Darwen, Darwen, Lancashire, BB3 0QB. If you would like to make a regular donation please download the standing order form, complete it and forward it onto the Treasurer.

Gift Aid

As the club is now registered as a Community Amateur Sports Club we can now claim Gift Aid on all donations made to the club equivalent to an additional 28p for every £1 you donate. If you haven’t already completed a Gift Aid form please download one from the link and send it with your donation.

Standing Order Form

Gift Aid Form

Leave a Legacy In Your Will

A valid will is the only guaranteed way for your wishes to be carried out and for your legacy to reach the Lancashire Mountaineering Club.

How to make a new will.

Making a will isn’t complicated and needn’t be expensive:

  • First, appoint a professional adviser – usually a solicitor or bank.
  • Next, work out how much you have to leave, including the total sum of your property, money and possessions, less any outstanding mortgages or loans.
  • Decide who you want to benefit from your will. For example, your family, friends and favourite charities or good causes.
  • Choose executors to make sure your wishes are carried out. These can be professional advisers, friends or family members – or one of each.
  • Finally, keep your will safe and make sure your executors know where to find it. Give one copy to your solicitor or bank.

How to update an existing will

It’s vital to review your will at intervals to ensure it still reflects your wishes and circumstances. For instance, if you move house or get married, or someone mentioned in your will dies, you may need to change it. Speak to your solicitor or bank about the simplest way to revise your will quickly and cost-effectively.

Suggested legacy wording to take to your solicitor:
“I bequeath to the Lancashire Mountaineering Club (‘The LMC’) of The Glen, Sandy Lane, Cranage, Chesire, CW4 8HN, Registered Community Amateur Sports Club CASC 05376, the sum of £_______ (for a pecuniary bequest), or: the residue of my estate (for a residuary bequest) to be used by the LMC at its discretion.”

Further advice and information

If you have any questions or require further advice, please contact the Treasurer who will be happy to help you.

Online fundraising

Fundraising pages are just like paper sponsorship forms, except they’re online, so you don’t have to traipse around collecting cash and cheques.

Setting up your online sponsorship page

Simply personalise your page with a photo and message and email the web address to all your contacts. Friends, family, work colleagues and anyone else, from anywhere in the world, can then make a donation using your page.

Give As You Live

We’ve teamed up with, one of the UK’s leading online fundraising websites, so you can donate and raise funds for us online, as part of your regular shopping. As you shop, the brands whom you shop with donate a small (but significant) contribution to your chosen cause.

Everyclick reclaims Gift Aid automatically and pays your donation directly to us at the end of every week, and the site is 100 per cent secure.

It only takes about five minutes to set up a page – and you don’t need any technical knowledge!

  • Go to EveryClick
  • Click on ‘Create your page’.
  • Select your chosen fund or event if listed.
  • Follow the simple on-screen instructions. You can add your picture and personal messages at this stage.

That’s it! You will be given a web address at the end of the process that you can email around to all of your friends, family and colleagues.

Visit your page regularly to watch your total grow!