Cae Ysgubor hut details

Our recently built Welsh bunk house is tailor made for club members and groups. Funded by LMC members, The Welsh Assembly and Sport England – we are fortunate to have a bunk house in the heart of Snowdonia National Park – 10 minutes walk from Beddgelert, Snowdon summit is just a couple of hours walk from the bunk house, and Tremadog is a 20 minute drive…

Cae Ysgubor may be used by members without prior booking for only £9 a night, and they may introduce up to three guests for £14 a night per guest. Children of LMC members are charged at £5 per night. We advise that you check the availability on the website as the bunk house maybe rented out to groups exclusively occasionally.
(Rates updated 1st January 2024)

All members have to do is simply pay a once-only charge of £20 on to be issued with a hut key – or alternatively contact the Membership Secretary at

Renting Cae Ysgubor
Cae Ysgubor is available to rent, for prices and to arrange please contact our Hut Booking Secretary: John Cairns – Tel: 07860 517869 or email

Other information about Cae Ysgubor:

Sleeps 20
Crockery & cooking utensils
Drying room
Disabled shower and toilet
Underfloor heating
Electric Vehicle Charge Point
All energy usage (In the hut) is included in the charge; (excludes Electric Vehicle charges, billed separately)

The map ref for the bunkhouse is SH599485 and the postcode is LL55 4NE (although not very useful as this covers a large area; except to get you to Beddgelert if you are using a Sat Nav).

As you approach Beddgelert from Pen y Gwryd (i.e from the direction of Capel Curig) along the A498 turn off left sign-posted the Sygun Copper Mine; this is about 1.5K before Beddgelert. (If you get as far as the Cae Ddu campsite on the left, you have gone too far, so turn round and go back to look for the Sygun copper mine). Follow the narrow road over a bridge, past the mine car park (sharp right bend) to the bunkhouse on the left. This is about 600m from the main road. Park opposite.

Alternatively, some SatNav/google systems might take further the down A55 coast road and then into Beddgelert from the Caernarfon direction. This is OK but in this case you will need to follow the signs out of Beddgelert on the A498 towards Capel Curig and look for the Sygun Mine signposts on the right.

Public Transport
By Train

Direct mainline train services run to nearby towns of Bangor (linking London Euston) and Porthmadog, both with connections via the Snowdon Sherpa bus service. The romantic option is to arrive via the Welsh Highland Steam Train – then walking through the village towards the Copper Mine, crossing the first bridge as you head towards the Copper Mine.

Bus Timetables

The Snowdon Sherpa bus timetables can be found here.

By Air

Transfers from the international gateways of Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham generally take less than two hours.

By Sea

Irish Ferries and Stena Line operate regular and high-speed services to Holyhead on the Isle of Anglesey from Dublin and Dun Laoghaire. It is approx. 45 minutes drive from Holyhead to Beddgelert. (Irish Ferries: 08705 171717 / Stena Line: 08705 707070)

Nearest Airport:Liverpool
Nearest Ferry Port:Holyhead
Nearest Railway Station: Mainline Porthmadog

Hut Bookings
We would also advise members to use common sense and avoid using the Huts if they have any Covid like symptoms and to take a Lateral Flow Test if possible before visiting the hut.


The car park on the bunk-house side of the road is capable of accommodating three cars/two minibusses for the disabled.

There is a locked barrier across the car park opposite the bunkhouse. The key for this is kept with the shed keys on a hook by the electric cupboard in the hall. However, there is room for four cars to park off the road outside the barrier, making sufficient parking for most visits.

If your group includes children or for any reason you feel it appropriate (e.g. with respect to traffic on the lane), you will find two “Danger Traffic Stop Look & Listen” signs stored in the right-hand shed that can be hung outside and a “Slow – Children & Animals” sign which can be put by the road in front of the bin store. Please ensure these signs are put back in the shed prior to departure.

Entry and exit from the building

Your Salto blue key fob gives entry through the main door, which is at the rear of the bunkhouse. To unlock – present fob to circular black knob by the door handle. You will hear a brief sound as the mechanism operates and a green light will show for a moment around the lock. Now turn the knob fully anticlockwise and depress the door handle. If a red light shows, this means that the particular fob is not programmed to operate the door – it may have been disabled. If you do get a red light, you will need to contact the bunkhouse Warden or another officer of the LMC. When you leave the building, you will need to re-lock the door using the key fob. First, close the door with the handle, moving it upwards so that all the upper and lower two latches of the door are engaged. Now hold the fob to the black knob and then turn the knob clockwise. The main door can be locked at night from the inside, using the turn-key. People will still be able to enter from the outside by using a key fob.


On entry to the bunkhouse, press the green button immediately on your right. This activates lighting and power and starts a 40-hour timer which, on time out, will switch off all lighting and power. If you are still occupying the building when this happens, just press the green button again. On leaving the bunkhouse press the red button by the door. This will switch off all lighting and power. The main electrical power distribution board is fitted with a Residual Current Detector (RCD) whose function is to detect and isolate any faults on the system thus preventing persons from receiving electric shocks. RCD’s are very sensitive, for example they may trip as a result of a light bulb blowing and it will then become necessary to reset the RCD. A guidance note is posted in the electrical equipment cupboard. No-one should go into the cupboard other than to reset the RCD. There is a 3-phase electricity supply to the hut. If one or more of the mains power supply phases to Cae Ysgubor is down, the emergency lights will turn on. Once the power comes back on, the emergency lights will go off but you will need to re-press the green button.

The green button also enables the mains water supply [via an electric solenoid valve], thus if electrics fail water supply also stops.


The air-source heat pump is operational and THERE IS NO NEED TO ADJUST THE SETTINGS OR CHANGE THE THERMOSTATS! There is a permanent supply of hot water 24/7. The background temperature is set to 15C (and 18C for weekends). However, if a small group is at the hut mid week, you may want to temporarily have some additional warmth in the main room. There is a wall heater in the sitting area for this purpose. Please switch off the wall heater when no longer required.

Drinking Water

The water is mains supply and fit for all usage. The main stop tap is in the lounge/kitchen area down at floor level between the cooker and the end external door. This will stop the supply to ALL hot and cold taps should this become necessary.

There is usually no need to open/close the stop tap on arrival/departure, as there is an electric solenoid valve that does the job for you automatically when the power supply to the hut is enabled/disabled.

Waste Water

All waste water is treated using a bio-digester situated next to the large car park. This will break down most waste items but we ask that only toilet paper is flushed down the toilet.

Smoking Policy

It is against the law to smoke or use e-cigarettes anywhere inside the bunkhouse. Smoking is not permitted around the bunkhouse or on the patio or car parking areas. For those wishing to smoke, the designated area is at the rear of the main car park near the stream. All cigarette butts shall be disposed of in a safe manner and removed from the site – these must not be placed within the bunkhouse internal or external bins.

Animal Policy

Animals are not permitted to enter the bunkhouse at any time. They are permitted on the surrounding patio and car parks. Any resulting mess must be cleaned up i.e. urine must be washed away and excrement must be picked up and the area washed. Excrement must not be placed in the bunkhouse bins.

Bunk House Manual and Logbook

There is a detailed bunk house manual in the lounge and all visitors MUST sign in using the bunkhouse logbook on arrival.

Fire precautions

Visitors must familiarise themselves with the evacuation routes to be used in the event of the fire alarm sounding. There are three internal fire doors that close once you have passed through. None of these doors must ever be propped open. In the downstairs rear bedroom is an emergency exit door which also serves as the emergency exit from the en-suite room. This door is never locked and is operated by a crash-out bar. The door should not be blocked with bags, etc. Make sure you know how to operate the door and make sure it is properly closed at the end of your visit. In the case of an evacuation of the building, the assembly point is the car park on the opposite side of the road.

Bed linen

All the beds have a washable mattress and pillow, but all visitors must bring their own sleeping bag. Fitted bottom sheets and pillow cases are available for use (and after use should be placed in the laundry bin located in the drying room at the end of the stay).

Waste Bins

We have several waste bins on site and there is a notice about which bins to use for food, recyclables etc. Please note in particular that ‘non-recyclable general waste’ should be placed in the supplied black bin bags prior to tying and depositing them in the green bin. This requirement is because waste removal from the bunkhouse is via manual loading onto a caged wagon. Conventional rubbish wagons cannot access the bunkhouse due to road width restrictions.


It is the Parent or Guardian’s responsibility to ensure that any children visiting or staying in the bunkhouse are supervised at all times. Children under the age of 10 should be carefully supervised if allowed on the top bunks. If you are camping or doing activities with children in the area of the pond, you may wish to have to hand the safety life ring which is stored in the right hand shed.


All walking boots and muddy footwear must be removed in the entrance hall and stored on the racks provided. It is requested that the wearing of any outdoor footwear is limited within the bunkhouse, and if possible, not at all in the bedrooms. No outdoor shoes are permitted inside the wet room (except in an emergency). We provide a limited number of slippers.


The kitchen is fully equipped with all necessary cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery. It should also have sufficient kitchen towel, tea towels and cleaning implements necessary for your stay. Spare materials are stored in boxes under the kitchen units.


On arrival check that the fridge doors have been left open and that no foods have been left in. Throw away any food left in the fridge unless someone else is staying in the bunkhouse. If you only need one fridge and do not have any frozen food use the full-size larder fridge. Leave the other one turned off. If you have frozen food and the half size larder fridge is sufficient for your party please use just that one. On departure please turn off the fridge(s) you have used, empty the contents and wipe out as appropriate. Make sure the doors are all left open to prevent mould growing (there are sponges to prop the doors open).


There should be sufficient toilet rolls, kitchen towels, clean tea towels, soap, black bin bags and cleaning products for your stay. If you notice any of these are running low, please note in the bunkhouse logbook and also notify one of the Wardens on your departure.

Local Services

Beddgelert Village has a small range of basic amenities:

Post Office: the Post Office is located within Emrys House general store.
Cash: cash withdrawal is available for no charge in the Post Office.
Tourist office: there is a Tourist Information Centre in the village.
Car parking: there are 2 main car parks within the village, either side of the river.
Public toilets: there are good modern public toilets in the village including accessible toilets which require a RADAR key.
Petrol / diesel: The nearest petrol stations are Porthmadog (9 miles) or Betws y Coed (12 miles).


There are three external doors. To conserve heat in the building, try only to use the main door – especially in cooler months. Check that all doors and windows are correctly shut and locked at the end of your visit.


There is no mobile phone signal at the bunkhouse, nor is there a landline installed. The nearest reasonable mobile phone signal is in Beddgelert.


Much of the Nant Gwynant valley is currently a mobile signal “not-spot”. There is a WiFi service available at the hut which is free for hut visitors, and the login credentials are displayed within the hut. Mobile/smart phone users will thus be able to use this service to make voice calls, etc, if they have Wifi-Calling enabled.

Beddgelert Public Wifi, however, is also available via a series of “hotspots” dispersed throughout the nearby village. The service is free to use for up to one hour each day. You can sign up to use it for free when you first connect to the service, (and there is an option to pay for additional connection time each day if you require it.) The free daily hour is usually sufficient for most casual email, web inquiries, etc. This is a free community service provided to Beddgelert visitors and residents by a consortium of local businesses.


You are required to clean the bunkhouse on your departure. If you have sole occupancy you are responsible for the whole bunkhouse. If you are staying in the bunkhouse with other groups or club members, please liaise with your fellow guests and clean up as necessary. Showers When you have finished using one of the showers, please use the shower wall squeegee and shower cleaner. When showering in the wet room, please also squeegee the floor.

BMC advice for cleaning club huts before and after use

Outside Camping Area(s)

If you have used either or both of the outside camping areas during your stay, please ensure you have left them tidy.


A stone-ringed campfire base pit is situated a short distance from the hut, suitable for small camfires. Please take particular care to minimise fire risk and to extinguish any fire after use. Please avoid lighting a campfire in dry conditions where there could easily be a danger of inadvertantly igniting nearby grassland or woodland, etc, from flying sparks. A charcoal-fired barbeque unit is also available in the left-hand shed, to which the same common-sense fire precautions also apply.

Electric Vehicle Charge Point

A dual fast-charging station is available in the car park for hut users. Users must provide their own charger connection leads. Access to the EV charger is enabled using the same blue Salto RFID key fobs are are issued for hut door entry, but the user’s key fob MUST have previously been enabled for EV charging. EV key fob enablement should be done in advance by contacting the Hut Warden. Electric vehicle charging is recorded against the user’s key fob ID and that user will be billed for the cost of the charge (along with any hut use fees) at whatever the current cost per kilowatt unit is in operation at the time of charging, plus 10%. This is kept in line with the unit costs of electricity supply to LMC and limited by any charge cap in place by OFGEM

The EV charge point here is not currently accessible for general public use. Publicly accessible “PodPoint” charge points are available on the Forest Holidays campsite, Beddgelert, and at Tesco in Porthmadog.


All visitors using the car parking and hut do so at their own risk and neither the Lancashire Mountaineering Club, nor any person acting on its behalf, is in any way responsible for any loss, injury or damage sustained by them or for loss or damage to vehicles, and to contents left within the hut or in the car parking areas.

Finally, we hope you enjoy your stay! If you have any comments about things we could improve, please let us know. If you should have any problems during your stay, please contact the hut warden, as soon as practicable

Hut warden
Roger Greenhalgh – 07590 665218