The Loft hut details

The Loft is a hut in Langdale which is situated at Blea Tarn House near Blea Tarn.

The Loft may be used by members without prior booking for only £6 a night, and they may introduce up to three guests for £9 a night. Junior LMC members are charged at £4 per night.

All members have to do is simply pay a £20 hut key deposit on – or alternatively contact the Membership Secretary at

The Loft is available to rent* exclusively for the weekend, and other arrangements can be made via our Hut Booking Secretary: John Cairns – Tel: 07860 517869 or email
*Please note that rental is restricted only to BMC affiliated clubs


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Other information


  • 12 bed places max
  • Mattresses
  • Crockery & cooking utensils provided
  • Heating, cooking and lighting included in the charge.

Conditions of use

The LMC has received a number of complaints from the residents of Blea Tarn House (next to The Loft) about the behaviour of people using The Loft. This is very unfortunate as they have been perfect neighbours and we wish to maintain a good relationship with them both now and in the future.

The Committee asks all groups and individuals using The Loft to ensure these simple basics are adhered to:

  • Switch off music systems prior to your arrival.
  • Close the gates immediately after using them.
  • Do not park anywhere in the yard other than in our parking area, next to the Loft.
  • Do not venture into any of the garden areas.
  • Do not disturb the people at Blea Tarn house and be aware that they have young children who go to bed early.
  • Be quiet by the house and within our car park, especially after 9.00 pm.
  • Do not take vehicles into the yard after 11.00 pm. Late arrivals must be unloaded from the road and then parked overnight on the National Trust car park at Blea Tarn, which is about ten minutes’ walk away.
  • Only 6 cars can be parked on our car park, additional vehicles should use the National Trust car park at Blea Tarn.

Thanks for your continued support, and enjoy your stay at The Loft (hut in Langdale).

Winter Months
It is vital that during the winter months water systems are drained down to avoid burst pipes. We have perhaps been lulled into a false sense of security over the last few mild winters – but this sort of winter isn’t finished with us yet!